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A mission will tell you who you are and, consequently, who you are not. In that way it is the most powerful tool to fight business fatigue, purpose confusion, daily stress and personal emptiness. Stress and lack of motivation arise when we do too much of the things we do not agree or identify with. Everyone has a mission. lt is not something that is crafted. It is already inside of you, waiting to be discovered.

Here are 4 steps you can begin with to tap into that inner guidance

1. Find acceptance

It’s a common misconception that we need to change everything we don’t like immediately. We are not in control of all the circumstances we find ourselves in. So, the key to dealing with things is… well, to deal with things. Write down the points that cause frustration and accept them as part of your current reality. See them as necessities for the next step. It helps to imagine this as your launchpad for future happiness. You can’t conclude a successful mission to Mars if your launchpad is defective, so define and accept the defects and get to work on fixing them.

2. Find your zone

We conducted numerous interviews with athletes and artists over the years who confirmed that the place of best performance and creativity is the one in which you lose yourself in. This is a place where numbers don’t exist, where time and space are irrelevant, where you tap into everything that matters to you. This can happen on a bike, with a paintbrush in your hand or delivering a service to a dear client. Successful people tend to describe this as “a blur”, where the world goes out of focus and the only thing that matters is the present moment. If you currently have such a place, invest more time into it and learn how to expand this feeling. It is most likely the home of your desires. If you don’t have this yet, look within. What would this zone look like for you? Set aside all expectations of monetary or other reward. Focus solely on building that zone.

3. Find your core

A mission is a reason for existence, a purpose. We tend to train our minds to search and build a reason for our existence that is outside ourselves. But the reason is within. Our DNA carries the core of what we are about. No external knowledge can ever replace this. It is important that we take the time to understand what our core beliefs truly are. Some of us believe in building safe zones, others in helping by teaching, and some want to spread confidence through their actions. If you don’t take the time to sense out what you are about, you may never tap into your embedded potential. This can make you bitter even in moments of success. Take the time to peel layers of external influence away and realize what your core beliefs are. It is important, for you and for the individuals that you will impact.

4. Find your bulliefs

Just as your core beliefs drive your purpose, there are acquired beliefs that distract you from them. We have named these “bulliefs” for obvious reason. Bulliefs are beliefs that we have picked up along the way and given more importance than they deserve. Bulliefs are usually quite popular and seem relevant to our health, wealth and growth and they are “sold” to us by people we trust and respect. Our minds are very receptive and impressionable when we are in a state of searching for purpose (which we are most of our lives). If we take on a belief that is not truly ours, this “bullief” may contradict our core belief. This is the root of stress and mental confusion. This is why we often feel like we have veered off our path and are living someone else’s life. In essence, we are. Until you learn to recognize beliefs that have been forced onto you like, “if you want a good career, you should go to college”, or “wealth equals success,” you will not be able to clearly see and embrace your actual core beliefs.

**Watch this video to see where we got our inspiration to weed out our bull-iefs.


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