When the world gets quiet, the work begins.

When normality is lost, we are faced with an opportunity for change and growth. If we decide to take it.

Since we have been forced out of our comfort zone by current events, we are presented with the chance to stop indulging in the things that are familiar and easy. Our routines have been disrupted, our lives are not running on cruise control. We are highly alert, aware and capable of listening, and therefore, learning.

This is a great moment to inquire what it is that is essential to us, and ask ourselves a few uncomfortable, but important questions about how we need to look at our lives, our work and our impact for the future.

The intention for this is simple: Don’t just “get through” this crisis and wait for it to be a distant memory. Use it as an event of awakening and mindfulness to learn about yourself and about each other so that when things are better, we can do our very best not to fall into the same slump, but to up our game and sustain betterment for all of us.

We have prepared a simple worksheet with some questions to get you started. We’ve all imposed some form of social distancing on ourselves, let’s make the most of the quiet time. 


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