What’s your Why-Story?

We want to use the life we are given to make a mark, to have an impact. Well, the biggest impact we can ever make, the biggest success we can ever reach is to live according to a purpose that is deeply embedded in us, without looking back, without apologies. That is what we were born to do. This purpose is the reason “WHY” we are alive, “WHY” we are here. 

To want to know our “WHY,” and to question it, is nothing new. In times of uncertainty, many of us feel a strong disconnection from something real, something heartfelt, something that feels right. We are out of touch or unaware of our “WHY,” and our actions are guided by external influences that are not in line with our “WHY.” So, the question of “WHY” becomes louder than ever. 

You don’t want to wait until it is too late to discover and embrace your “WHY” because there is no greater fear than to die with regrets. And regrets come from missed opportunities, and what appear as “wrong” choices. Perhaps, the biggest missed opportunity is to pursue a life outside of your “WHY.” 

If you were on your deathbed and asked yourself, “Why was I on this planet?”, and you answered “To bring my true nature into the world, and by having done so, I found the success and fulfillment I was born to have,” then you are free of regret and your mark has been made. You are good to go. A person that owns their “WHY” does not feel regret – whether they spend their life in a hut or a palace, whether they served 2 people or 2 million people, whether they made 100 dollars or 1 billion dollars, if they owned their “WHY,” there are no regrets. 

But those that find themselves in a fog of uncertainty about their “WHY,” with only material proof to look back on, will feel irrelevance weighing down on them, heavy as a mountain, and regret will close over them like a veil of darkness. Acceptance and forgiveness will be the only way to make amends for a life lived outside their true nature. I firmly believe that living with joy and fulfillment are better than futile attempts at accepting and forgiving yourself for not living life according to your true nature when the show is almost over…

How will your obituary read? Will it embrace the obsessive, unapologetic and wild nature of your actions, will it tell stories of risk and faith and the unique human value you added to the world by bringing betterment? Or will it read like a polished job application that lands on a stack of other applications soon to be discarded, never to be read again? 

But how do you discover your “WHY?” How do you find the instructions for a purposeful life? How do you find the clarity and the focus to align your actions with your true nature? By going on a journey. The journey is the story of finding your “WHY” and writing your “WHY-STORY” – the story that tells the world how you intend to live out your unique “WHY.”

You are a beautiful human being with the potential to change your world (however large or small that world might be). But to grow from who you are today into an incredible hero, you have to engage in deep discovery. You are born with superpowers, some of us forget all about them- they are waiting to be discovered, earned, embraced and developed.  

For that to happen, you will have to leave the place of comfort that the world has sold you; you will have to shed noise and false beliefs. You will have to look deep within and embrace the perils that come with uncovering your uniqueness. Yes, the journey towards your “WHY” is full of dangers, tricksters, attention grabbers, distractions, false promises and bottomless pits. But if you stay on the path and do the self work with courage and determination, you will ultimately own your “WHY,” and you will have all the tools and wisdom to write your “WHY-STORY,” for others to read and engage in, and receive the value you are offering.  

The clarity and focus that stem from this journey and the deep knowledge of your “WHY-STORY” will forever inform your actions, both in your private and in your professional life, and make your success and your mark in the world inevitable.


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