We are all creative

I’ve talked to you about creativity before, and I want to restate once more that we are ALL creative beings. Creativity is a state in which we have full access to the powers within us to create new pathways towards solutions. What is critical is having the ability to see ourselves in that light, and give ourselves permission to access our pools of creativity. 

Creativity is the exploration of thinking outside the box, of taking whatever little information is available and leveraging it to create something that was not previously visible to the naked eye. 

It is a resting power that lies dormant in every single one of us. There are as many creative janitors as there are creative airline pilots. There are as many creative sales people as there are creative architects.  

But, it is not always simple for us to access creativity. Writer, Seth Godin, cites our reptilian brain, or “Lizard Brain,” as the main obstacle for people to get a job done. He believes it is the single biggest reason why people don’t ship their products (aka start a business, finish a launch, write a book) on time: the reptilian brain will keep interfering with delivering results because it keeps seeing issues. 

The reptilian brain- the oldest part of our brain- is key to our own survival. It helps us recognize imminent danger. It is there to protect us and to make sure that we procreate and exist. Naturally, such a system acts as a defense mechanism against dark forces. But in a world where the imminent threats of the past (being attacked by a sabre-toothed tiger just outside our cave, for example) have largely disappeared (although sadly, way too many people still have to rely on their survival instincts), this inadequate fight or flight response is not helpful in accessing our full potential of creativity. 

Creativity challenges the status quo of safety and comfort. The essence of creativity is connecting dots that were previously unconnected. It’s risky, but there is a reason why we were given creativity at the time of our birth: to use it.  

If we keep giving fear and doubt the right of way, if fearful thinking is at the heart of our mindset, our emotions and our reality will always be tainted and dominated by such thoughts. It will be impossible to access our creativity and to use it for work that creates human value in new ways the world needs.  

Creativity is a wonderful tool that turns our human value offering into an experience, not a product, that allows people to find joy and happiness. As human value entrepreneurs, we work hard to help people overcome limiting obstacles by providing them with human value. Creativity supercharges human value to become an engaging experience that creates a bond of trust and the emotionality of joy and happiness.  

Creativity is not some nebulous thing that is suspended in thin air. It’s not something that some of us were denied. We are all creative. But, you can’t be creative when you don’t operate out of love and in awareness of your potential. Creativity requires you to know. It requires the context of your inner knowledge for it to make an impact that matters to you and your people.  

Keep it connected to your loving heart. Because love creates limitlessness. Creativity in a fearful mind is like a seed that dreams of growth but is afraid of breaking through the soil. It doesn’t work. We are not reptiles fending for our lives. We are boundless creative beings that need to use our full potential to shine our amazing light into the world.


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