To own who you are is to own what you do

The highest form of freedom as both an entrepreneur and a human being is full ownership of your life. 

When we look at the fabric of existence we realize that everything is made up of relationships. The ones we entertain with ourselves, with our surroundings, our work, our actions… So, how do we declare full ownership over something as ethereal as relationships when we feel that they are often subject to outside influence?

The secret lies in understanding the origin of every relationship and the thought that leads into it. Just like when you wake up in the morning and you have a first thought, there is a singular thought that rests at the beginning of every relationship. This thought defines the nature of what follows. If you wake up thinking “it’s one of those days again…” then you will have to work hard to convince yourself otherwise, and your day is likely to end up “as one of those days again.” After all, you ‘asked’ for it. It’s the same with businesses that we start and run. When we enter them with thoughts that are not serving our purpose, things literally get out of hand.

In order to have ownership over the relationships in our lives, we must have ownership over the thoughts that lead to them. For that to happen, we must recognize that thoughts become actions, and our thoughts are the reflection of our core beliefs.

When we know who we truly are, when we are aware of what purpose we are serving, we can create thoughts from it- thoughts that are serving that purpose. This ensures that any relationship we engage in is serving our cause as well. 

This chain of ownership that begins with owning your purpose, is miraculous at best, because it makes sure that we don’t waste time on ‘bad’ relationships. Instead, we invest ourselves in relationships that bring us alignment and growth.


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