The Noise that drowns us.

We are all driven by something: a goal, objective, purpose… whatever you choose to call it, it is an intrinsic force that pushes us to take actions to achieve a desired result. Have you ever asked yourself what this “inner voice of conviction” is made up of?

Of course, we believe it is made up of useful, helpful, supporting insights, knowledge and opinions. While this holds true to a certain extent, it is also littered with what my wife and I call BS beliefs, or “bulliefs.” Bulliefs act like dead weight that keeps a person from moving forward and can even sink them. They are the reason why many of us don’t act upon our real purpose and why we can’t even see what our real purpose is. In some cases, they even make us act against it.

Bulliefs are formed by the constant noise that surrounds us that can block our helpful, inner voice. When we are vulnerable and open to outside influences, voices and impressions, it can leave a mark on our belief system – for better or worse. For example, repeated exposure to toxic opinions can influence a person’s belief about other people, sometimes leading to negative actions. Our way of thinking guides our actions and our actions are what we put into the world.

So, doesn’t it make sense to examine the beliefs we entertain that steer our decisions, day in and day out, and recognize the ones that were passed on to us and are not supporting our true nature?

Think about well-known figures that have left a mark. We can recognize a pattern: they were driven by a conviction that reflected their true nature that was resilient to toxic noise, but, open to beliefs and ideas that were helpful in bringing out their purpose further, which made their actions memorable and iconic.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born with beliefs that were nurtured by what he saw and felt. His beliefs were immovable, but he was also an open man when it came to listening to others who offered helpful insight that supported his purpose.

EACH ONE OF US is capable of actions that will fill us with pride, joy and a sense of purpose. But it takes the willingness to listen to our real voice, with all the noise filtered out, to do so. Otherwise, our actions will just be reflections of what others think, or even worse, the status quo. And if we maintain the status quo, nothing will ever change.

What are your real beliefs? Start by asking yourself these questions:

-What are the most amazing experiences I seek to have?

-What is the most beautiful growth I seek to have?

-What is the most impactful contribution I seek to make?

If you give three honest answers to each question you might be able to answer the following:

-What is holding me back from doing these things? 

-If “something” is holding me back, am I standing in my own way?

-If I am standing in my own way, is it because I am holding onto a belief that was imposed on me?

-If my answers seem unsatisfying, did I really answer truthfully? If not, why not?

Here’s some guidance: Let’s say you want to experience what it would be like to make a billion dollars. Great, but dive a little deeper. Why do you want to make a billion dollars? What does the money buy you? Financial freedom? Do you want to build a foundation? Work on access to water for everyone?

To examine your beliefs and cleanse them from the noise that surrounds you will help you bring out your true voice to the world. This is how we can build better organizations that, in turn, build better things to make the world better off.


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