The most important thing you can do

We live in artificial environments, and every day we create more of them. Our work environments have also become a reflection of something that is far from natural.

Observe a tree, a flower or the wind, how they freely express that which is innate to them. They can’t but celebrate the true nature that beats and thrives within them. They are truly free to only play the game that they carry within.  

We are great at creating our reality. Our thoughts and emotions bring out that which we ultimately consider to be true. But our thoughts are so infected by energy that is far from our own nature (a nature that is driven by love, abundance and enoughness) that we create a reality where stress, competition and scarcity reign. We believe that we must fight hard for our place in this reality and get our piece of the pie.

In nature, there is no such sentiment. Nature embraces belonging at any given moment. Nature self heals and cleanses permanently. Any form of energy that does not serve the achievement of total self expression, the manifestation of potential as a fruit, seed or blossom, has no place there.  

Our own nature is aligned with this. It yearns to express that which lives within. Whether you call it your spirit, your light or other essence it doesn’t matter. Words are mere details. What matters is finding your way back to awareness of the self, where you realize that you have an obligation to follow your own potential too. And that once you are conscious of it, you are free to create from it.

How are you ever going to create work that matters if the source of your work is artificial and dishonest? How can you expect your work’s impact to be meaningful and eternal, if it comes from a desire that is not your own? If you work for money, status, success – you work for things that are rooted in a made up world. Your work will be made up too. 

We are all artists in our own way, we are all creative geniuses- just like every plant is a creative genius capable of solving hundreds of complex problems at once. Our potential lies at our fingertips, and it’s our job to grab it. Embracing potential is a thing of awareness. It’s effortless, except that it requires us to shift our mind away from that which limits us towards that which makes us limitless- our innate potential, our true nature.

Your true nature is waiting. It’s very patient. It lies under every rock, behind every tree, in the solace of a beach or a cool forest. The first step to finding back to your potential is to actively remove yourself from the noise and go into silence. If you don’t allow for those inner burning questions to be heard, how are you ever going to be able to recognize your own voice?  

You know the voice. Sometimes, it gets loud, but you let the noise of your current reality become louder so that you drown it out – the demands of a job, or stressful obligations you have learned to prioritize that may not actually be that important. But, it is still there, waiting patiently for you. Waiting for you to be done living someone else’s narrative.  

There is nothing more important than finding your own true nature.


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