The Ideal client

Path to the ideal client:

The goal is to develop a three dimensional picture of the ideal person you want to serve, and become so aware of this person that you direct all of your efforts to finding them and engage them into a relationship with your business, not because of their buying power or referral potential, but because you want your mission to enable them to change in some way. Marketing without knowing who you are marketing to is a waste of time.

Approach this in increments. 

First, you need to go through some key characteristics that you see in the ideal person with whom your mission and your offering resonates. This is not just about demographics. You need to describe a person with a problem and a set of beliefs that they have.  Where do they live and work? What questions do they have? What are their dreams and worries? What do they desire? What do they read? Where do they hang out?

Find images, quotes, colors and bring them down on a piece of paper, almost like a vision board. This will help you bring them to life. Then, write a storyline about this person. Make it colorful, use adjectives, let her speak. Write as much or as little as you want, but write honestly. Describe their current situation, their current beliefs, the problem they face, and how they plan on solving it. Then, walk away and let it marinate for 24 hours. When you come back to them, make whatever adjustments needed.

You have just created your ideal client, the person that is out there waiting for you to serve them. You might be feeling like a kid again having just created an imaginary friend. That’s great! Your mind will believe anything you tell it.  As far as your mind is concerned, this imaginary friend of yours, this “ideal client” IS real, and it is now your duty to align everything you do to serve this person, because where they are, there are more like them, and that is where your potential to make an impact is. And as a consequence of serving those that want to be served by you, fulfillment, success and money will follow.


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