The good thing about a crisis.

More often than not, we have a pretty biased understanding of strong words and let them unrightfully control the way we think and act, turning potential opportunities into sheer panic.

Crisis is such a word.

Don’t get me wrong, our current situation is serious. There are lives at risk, and no life is ever expendable. This is a crisis, and that’s exactly the point I am trying to make here. The Greek word “crisis” imparts something rather positive: Not the end of all things, but the turning point that requires a change or decision to be made. A change that begins with us and the organizations we build. A decision we need to make in the way we decide to serve ourselves and humanity.

Yes, we need to contain the pandemic situation and break the contamination chain. Rub those hands under hot water for 20 seconds at a time (sing or hum slow paced songs to pass time, it helps), don‘t socialize if it’s not absolutely necessary (but stay in touch with your people nevertheless!) and do stay home if you feel sick in any way (for this, you can turn to Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV or books!). It’s all correct and advisable. 

HOWEVER…we must go to the root of this. This situation wants us to rethink and reconsider at the level of our mindsets. Our ways of life, our eating habits, sleeping patterns, consumption routines have made us highly vulnerable. We have looked away for far too long, and now we are being handed our costly bill. 

Get your immune system strong, make healthy meal choices (replace your fast food craving with a healthy home cooked meal), make immunity boosting food part of your and your family’s diet. Get the physical and mental rest at night, but also find ways to find some during your day (short after-lunch nap during your break, 3-minute meditation, breathing exercises like the 4-7-8 technique. Youtube has plenty of options).

Rethink your purchases and see if you can replace “want to have” purchases with “need to have” acquisitions to help sensible, sustainable companies thrive and deliver their transformational power to the world. 

It is a historical fact: the consumers of the world will use the time the world goes silent to look at their lives. They will rethink certain things that will affect the economy in the long term. In a good way. This is where businesses that deliver real human value stand apart from transactional businesses. A “less but better” mindset is just around the corner. When we get deprived of “what we want,” we realize “what we need.”

Here is my wish for you: May you lead businesses that serve human needs, not vain desires. 

In times of crisis, awareness truly develops in humans because they realize that change and decision-making is necessary. So, I urge you not to panic and, instead, embrace this “crisis” and play your role in making a change for the better.

Thank you and may all of you stay well and healthy.


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