The biggest problem you can tackle

Those of us that offer a product or service to the public are here to sell something. That is an obvious reality. But selling something is not the end game of doing business. At least, not in an ideal case; not in the world we want to see. Clients certainly don’t want to be thought of as just another sale (even though we’ve all been guilty of seeing them as such).

Currently, you might be selling something a client wants. But, your job shouldn’t just be about giving clients what they want. It is your sacred duty to offer clients what they NEED. But first, you have to understand what those needs are. These days, there is so much to consume in the world that clients are not clear on what they need, only on what they want (or think they want).

If your business is into satisfying obvious “wants” (think cheap goods, instant delivery, “healthy” fast food, many of the items that Target sells), you swim in a red ocean of saturated markets focused on “I want it and I want it right now”. You’re adding more noise to an already noisy world.

Perhaps your business has a “solution-first” approach, which is great because people like being offered solutions. However, this only works if the business and client are clear on the problem they are solving. Ironically, that’s where the problem lies: We don’t always know what the problem actually is. The REAL problem.

What I invite you to do is to look at the problems humanity is facing.

I say humanity with intent: Every single one of us is capable of tackling problems at a much deeper level than we imagine. When we become aware of the big issues and are willing to align our business to solve the BIGGEST POSSIBLE PROBLEM we can, then we become meaningful entities of change. 

And guess what, clients instantly relate to companies like this because they see that they are in the fight for the long run; they’ll do the heavy lifting to make the deepest impact. This is where love relationships between a client and business are formed.

Using an example from a few thought nuggets ago:

As a flower shop, you can focus your efforts on finding a new way of marketing the usual angle of “online flower buying, made easy”. Or, as the same flower shop, you can tackle the very human problem of poor communication of emotions and decide that you are in the business of “helping people communicate love/kindness/thoughtfulness through small gifts.”

The first example is typical and uninspiring for you, your staff and your clients. The second example, however, is next level. That shop is the haute cuisine of the flower business. It’s the same product, but they tell a completely different story, have a completely different mindset, and hence, make a completely different impact.

Think about your own business for a minute. What is a big, human problem you can tackle head on with what you do? Email us if you want to talk this through. Once you discover what it is, your whole outlook will change, and so will your actions and impact. The feeling is awesome.


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