The 4As to Selling Value

The sales aspect of entrepreneurship is an important step in fueling our mission, because it makes it possible for us to do more of what we love and want to do.

But, how do we set up an optimal sales strategy that involves meaningful persuasion versus the usual manipulation?

What I firmly believe in and share with clients asking for clarity on their sales strategy is what I call ‘The 4 As,’ which takes the elements of a powerful business mission, and applies it to a genuinely human sales funnel:

1: Attention

How do you get people to lend you their ear? If you can’t cut through the noise and grab the attention of the right people, they will pass you by and your value will remain unused. Attention occurs when you are able to promise an outcome that really resonates with people. When you meet people and tell them ‘Imagine a life where…’ you bypass petty cravings and you cut to the chase. Once they have heard you, your goal is to get people thinking, “yes, that would be a life worth living…”

They may not trust you yet, but you’ve piqued their interest.

2: Agreement

For a relationship to happen, it’s not enough to have open ears; our hearts must be open too. And for that, trust needs to be established. Trust can only grow where there is true empathy. That is why in this second step, you have to become an active listener and show how you relate to the experienced pain your potential clients are in. If you can’t show them that you understand their pain, they will back out.

3: Alignment

With trust in place, it’s time to create a shift. This is the hardest but most gratifying part. You have to move the perspective away from what they believe their problem is to the real problem. If someone thinks they will always have health issues, you have to reframe the problem and show them what’s underneath that belief. Re-align their perspective. Pain always originates from somewhere. And recognizing the true cause can be an immense realization for your client.

4: Action

When you have alignment with the root problem, it’s time to take action and present the proposal of value: What is it that you can offer them that takes care of the real issue? Is it rebuilding self-understanding? Is it conscious lifestyle choices? Is it peace of mind? Whatever it is you have decided to deliver (your offer), this is where you make it happen.


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