Play your own game

Someone once said, “Life is not a battle, it’s a game.” I couldn’t agree more. However, what game are we playing?

If you catch yourself asking uncomfortable questions and feeling emotionally disconnected, doubtful or confused it’s because you are not playing your own game!

You are naturally playful. It’s the way you learn about yourself and the world. When you play using your intuition and your natural inclinations, that is, a game played by your own rules, you find elation and excitement and develop yourself further. This game activates your potential and allows you to apply it in joyful ways. 

You are born to play this game. And your work is nothing but you breathing life into this game in ways that lets you share it with the world.

When you play this game, every step of the way is a move on your game board that you own with full accountability and responsibility, making you the master of your life.  

However, even though you are born into your own game, you soon leave it in favor of a hurtful and external one: the game called “society.”

This game is one that is not specifically designed for you and it does not promote personal development. It promotes social dominance over others. 

It’s the game of battle, pain and struggle. It’s the game of self preservation and advantage. It’s the game of winners, losers, victory and defeat. It’s the game of saturated, overcrowded markets and obnoxious marketing, all of which bear the emotional weight of fear and noise at the expense of self ownership. In this game you are always OWNED by the rules, you never own them. 

This explains the state our economies are in. It displays the inner workings of our hurtful, anti-social ways. It pinpoints the source of our sadness- a game of fear that has replaced a game of self-love and abundance. 

Its systemic resilience is massive. Schools and education are doing their best to prepare us for this game by spreading its rules: you have to be the best at whatever it is you’re doing, you have to beat the others, you must be a winner

This is all stress, stress, stress. No wonder exhaustion is the foundation of our work.

So, what can you do?

Finding back to your own game is a slow path. It requires you to admit that you’ve been playing someone else’s game all this time; that you are raw and confused. It requires you to understand how you got there and that you yearn for change. Only then can you rediscover the rules that live within you: the things that matter to you most and that lie buried under the rubble of the game of society, aka FEAR.  


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