Our entrepreneurial duty towards society

Our world is divided. There are many walls that segregate groups from each other, and as time progresses many of us feel like the walls get taller, the trenches deeper and the disparities greater.

Most of our society is made up of people who have been turned into products and assets. They sit at one side of the wall. They lend their time and energy by way of work to powerful entities, and are rewarded with the “freedom” to consume. Although these individuals have tremendous buying power, they are completely powerless when it comes to making a choice of empowerment.

On the other side of the wall sit those who control and manage the entities that exploit people. They have grown so fast and massive that they have lost all connection to what life is like “at the bottom.” They don’t understand the problems and obstacles that plague people on the other side. Their blinders force them to focus solely on maintaining and growing that which they already have plenty of.

When we zoom out of this picture we can grasp the imbalance of the situation. It is simply NOT GOOD. It is bound to either completely crumble, or continue on as it is, with people barely scraping by. Nature calls for balance to be created, for entropy to take place. But this is not a call to arms to try and take down an establishment. Quite the opposite. Balance should not be created with an act of violence, or out of lust for retaliation. Balance needs to come from empowerment through guidance. It’s not about tearing someone down, it’s about lifting someone up!

And this is where we, as entrepreneurs, enter the picture. Entrepreneurs are facilitators and enablers of change. We are the ones who have been given the duty and excellence to empower those who need guidance because they cannot seem to activate their own potential. We are the ones who carry the spark to ignite change and betterment. Entrepreneurs who understand this become catalysts for lasting progress by bringing value when and where it is truly needed. This is our unique chance as founders and owners to contribute to the balance that needs to take place.

Do not build a business because you want to sit atop a wall that looks down at others. Your duty is not to “make it” and cruise on autopilot. Your duty is to stay alert, to stay driven and push your cause forward- to stand on that wall so that you can level it. Level the playing field so that potential is possible. Make good on your mission, deploy your value into your products and services and get it to those whose lives become better because of them.

By doing this, you are fulfilling your duty towards yourself and others: to uplift those who feel stuck and hold themselves back from their potential. Your business can empower, it can put smiles on faces, joy in hearts and create success and fulfillment that lasts a lifetime.


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