Mental Wealth

With everybody talking about the rising cost of living, rampant inflation and a possible recession, we have to ask ourselves: What is equity to us? What role does wealth play in our lives?

Have we limited our understanding of wealth to financial means? Financial wealth is a wonderful instrument to increase one’s freedom. It is a tool that helps us apply our true self in the world. It can unlock experiences that become blissful memories. However, it is not the ultimate equity to have. It cannot give us access to our potential. 

But there is a form of wealth that sits at the heart of our lives. It is our Mental Wealth. If we don’t hold 100% of all the shares of our mental portfolio (instinct, intuition, social and intellectual intelligence), nothing else matters.

Our mind is a beautiful machine that is here to protect and serve us because it is conceived as a servant to our expansion. It is “single-minded” in doing so. It will do whatever we tell it to do and take the boatload of work off our shoulders to run it subconsciously. If we decide to give away our shares of control to outside forces like conditioning, trauma or dogmatic beliefs, it will not question our motives because it still assumes lovingly that we know what we are doing. Except that now there are many shareholders sitting in the boardroom of your mind. And that is obviously a problem. It’s getting noisy and irritating. 

Losing mental stock compromises our mind with outside influence. It creates dissociation with ourselves. We become clouded and confused. Even the powerful sun becomes invisible in dense fog. This state of dwindling ownership moves us away from our potential, our holy grail.

So much so, that our mind starts to define itself in relation to the new owners, and because our mind wants to keep us protected, it abides. Our self preservation instincts flare up, our intuition goes silent, but our intellectuality, the intelligence used to measure up and compete with the world, ramps up to full speed. Before you know it, you have given away all the seats to your most precious possession- Your beautiful mind. 

To fully own your mind means to rely on the self. It means to be free of foreign ownership. It means to honor intuition as our source, instinct as our protector in the face of real danger and social and intellectual intelligence as servants to express our intuition’s teachings. This is why a mind that is fully owned is the most powerful device in the world: It connects our truth with our purest deeds. It turns raw potential into actions for which financial wealth is received. 

Mental Wealth is achieved when we invest in this ownership…


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