Make fear your business ally

If we take a look at the world we live in, there is something that seems universal to all human beings: Fear, and its close companion, scarcity. 

They are driving forces in all areas of our decision-making. 

In fact, I will go so far as to say that the reason for the pain and sorrow we experience in our lifetime is a mindset that is rooted in fear and scarcity. One doesn’t need to be wise to know that fear is a dark energy that stands in opposition to life itself. 

A fearful mind is negating the magic of life because it builds walls around opportunity and chances. And the subsequent decisions it comes up with attract more of that fear. 

A fearful mind quickly finds itself in a reality filled with fear. This vicious cycle is hard to break for such a mind because it regards the perceived fear as a justification for, well… more fear. 

When fearful thoughts and principles are introduced into our lives at an early age, we acquire them because we are easily influenced, and we are under the notion that those who teach us, know more than us. One example: “if you don’t get good grades, you won’t amount to anything in life.” I won’t dive into how much fear (and as a result, pressure, stress, anxiety) such a belief can have on a person, but I think you get what I mean.

What do you think is the opposite of LOVE? You probably said “hate.” I say the opposite of love is actually fear (because a fear-based mindset can lead to things like hate). We have a tendency to cultivate minds that are devoid of love because we normalize fear. This is the sinister reality.

The biggest part of my work with entrepreneurs is to re-sensitize them to the principle of love. Only a mind that is open to the magic of unconditional love is capable of reframing the limiting and destructive power of fear. You can’t push fear out of a fear-infested mind. You can only give it the opportunity to reconsider the possibility of love as the better option.

This is not to say that all fear is bad. Even the most loving mind can be struck by fear. But fear as an emotion is different from fear as a belief. A fearful mind loses its ability to properly gauge the reality of the world. 

Fear emotions, on the other hand, can fill us with healthy respect for boundaries and growth. When we have love in our heart and decide to walk our path, we can still sense fear. That fear keeps us on our toes, makes us aware, fills our heart with excitement and makes us actually desire change. 

This fear emotion is the respect for the path that lies ahead of us. It’s the exhilarating rush we require to feel alive, to give weight to our decisions. Without it, we become disconnected and disengaged. It’s good to feel justified tension and uplifting fear when we make decisions. 

Even an excellent surgeon will conduct a routine operation with fear emotions in her/his heart, because when we are walking our path, we are slaying dragons! We are defying the odds and outgrowing ourselves. Only a person who has nothing to gain will never experience fear nor be open to the emotional experience of it. So, embrace fear as a positive emotion, and stop nurturing fear as a belief.


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