Love and Business

I thought about this for a long while because the topic of love tends to trigger a lot in human beings. 

Do love and business mix? 

The answer is YES, but only if we understand what LOVE is.

Love is an all encompassing energy. I think most of us agree on that. But this is where things get difficult. Unlike its popular romantic depiction, where it is associated with “being in love” and tying yourself to a person or a thing, real love is about a completely different sentiment rarely portrayed in the movies: Being free of conditions. 

Real love, or unconditional love for that matter, is the state of giving yourself and the world permission to be, and as such, to expand

It is the consciousness that gives room and freedom and allows you and others to bloom. Such love looks at itself and the world with great satisfaction and is free of judgment. 

Love is the ability to dwell in such an experience and to make this the reality of your life so that it motivates your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. 

It is a gentle space creator, a generous freedom giver. 

So you can see how this definition opposes the prevailing notion of love- bind yourself to a person, limiting their freedom and your own, and subjugating those we “love” to our ideas and opinions. That isn’t real love. That is fear. 

True love means to respect your own freedom and to give what is needed in order to expand as a human being- first to yourself and then to others. 

And that is what LOVE in BUSINESS must do: exist to create, hold and share space with others so that we all bloom. To never inhibit the freedom of others but to deliver value that allows for everyone involved to expand, free of judgment. 

You may call it leadership, but it is really the ability to forward your unconditional love in a professional setting. 

To openly declare: I see you for who you are, I recognize your needs and serve you with what I deeply care about. 

We are all capable of such love and the healing and thriving energy it produces.

Allow for it in your business. 

Learn to shift your conditional, fearful mind to become an agent of unconditional love. 

Reach out and I will gladly get you on that road.


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