Let go and they will hold on.

Imagine modern businesses as different sized entities with millions of tentacles, relentlessly grasping for people with their suction cups to reel them in. Once someone is in their grasp, the entity holds onto them in despair. This is what we call retention measures, and it‘s really nothing but proactive losing. It‘s a behavior motivated by fear that creates stress and tension. No good.

What if we flipped the script and created a story where it was actually people stretching their arms out, reaching to hold onto something in your brand universe? People unafraid of getting closer to your brand because they know that you have not set a trap for them.  

In this scenario, people hook up to your brand because they can relate to it, because the story told by your brand is so in line with their beliefs that they gladly embrace it. This brand behavior oozes confidence and trust. Something a customer immediately senses (like with Apple) and wants to be a part of.

For this to happen you need your story to be built on honesty and its delivery to be in line with it. It is likely that less fish will find their way to you because your not casting a net and trapping them, but the ones that make their way towards you (willingly!) will become the biggest fans of your brand for a lifetime.


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