Learning to Breathe


Modern human beings are like confused orchestras. They harbor a cacophony of rhythms within them with beats that are all out of sync.

Our words wobble, our thoughts race, our heart palpitates, our steps stumble and our breath staggers. If we are to live according to our own drum, that drum is highly confused.

Everything has a biorhythm. This is the ebb and flow, the creation of space and filling of space that growth dictates. If something loses its rhythm, it stagnates and eventually wanes.

This biorhythm is enforced by nature and gives rise to the trees, the birds, the sunrises and sunsets as well as life and death. Happiness can only unfold within a body that embraces this rhythm or it will forever search for it.

Any work, be it external or internal, will always flounder if we don’t address this sacred rhythm first.


Obviously, we cannot expect to suddenly become initiated into the deeply mystical principles of the Shaolin monks who can control their heartbeat at will.

But there is one thing that gives us great influence on our rhythm. And it is the biggest tool in our arsenal: our breath.

Breathing is not just the reflex that allows for oxygen to enter our bloodstream. It is also the motion that connects us with ourselves and the world.

Loving breath anchors in the self and gives to the world.

Fearful breath anchors in the world and takes from the world.

Depending on our mindset, our breath is a source of calm and serenity, or a gasp of dread and tension.

Common breathing techniques

There are plenty of breathing techniques within the professional and spiritual community that use breath incorrectly. In my former work-life, as a leader, I was recommended breathing techniques that literally made me inhale the toxicity around me. If you allow your breath to be an outside-in motion, you allow foreign frequencies to invade your own. Consequently you will never have self-ownership.

Breathing that furthers self-ownership and roots us in our truth is the one that stems from unconditional love. This means that the breath creates itself and is then given away.

Try this

As you inhale, imagine your lungs being filled from a source within you.

Imagine that YOU create the air that fills your lungs.

Hold it for a moment and allow this reality to reach every single cell.

As you exhale, picture the breath that is filled with your own self being given to the world.

Notice how this inversion of breathing instantly brings a notion of self-reliance, gratitude but also generosity.

It roots you in the principle of disconnecting from the outside world to define yourself; it reminds you to exist in your own truth and then give your truth away lovingly.

To own your breath means to own your rhythm. And when you own your rhythm, your growth follows.

Do this daily and let me know what happens.


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