Happy work and AI

The business world (like so many industries), has become obsessed with AI. The rise of technology that allows for faster and more intricate creation of

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Capitalism is good

Let’s talk about capitalism.  Don’t worry, we’re not diving into a political debate. Instead, we’re going to shine a light on the backdrop against which

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Know your limits

Whenever I ask the wonderful people I work with about their thoughts on limits, I receive a consistent response: “Don’t limit yourself!” “The sky is

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About investing

In one way or another, we are all investors. Some of us navigate this path more consciously than others, yet the act of investing is

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Learning to Breathe

Biorhythm Modern human beings are like confused orchestras. They harbor a cacophony of rhythms within them with beats that are all out of sync. Our

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Be water, my friend.

Many remember this famous quote by Bruce Lee, but I am afraid that time and interpretation have not served the author’s intention well. So this

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