Keep showing up.

It is hard sometimes to keep going when there is no external sign that we are doing the right thing. When no one comes to our seminars, when no one buys our coffee, when no one calls back to ask about that service we are offering. It is always easier to feel happy and keep doing what we do when we get a “positive response.” The fact is that life does not care whether or not we feel good about what’s happening to us. All it cares about is that we follow through with our purpose and build our own happiness. We are here to show that we care enough about our beliefs that we put them into action, no matter the result. When we step outside of the mindset that what we do only matters if the entire world sees and buys it, we become truly connected with our mission and our own being. That’s when we will feel successful, no matter the material manifestation. 

True wealth and sustainable success cannot find a home without this. So show up and be proud of yourself for doing what you do.


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