How are you the spokesperson for the change that will survive you?

As business owners, we are vessels of the value that we bring into this world. Once we understand that we have been gifted with a unique belief and the tools to turn it into business-magic, we see that the impact we can bring is much bigger than the person we are. The impact will survive us long after we have become dust. We still remember Steve Jobs, and in the faraway future, his legacy will carry on because he was clear and focused enough to work hard at making his purpose immortal. And this is where our true work lies. If we give all the attention to the petty personal desires we want to fulfill through our work, we limit the scope of change we can make, to the mortal person that we are. But as literature or art has shown us, the art the artist creates supersedes the artist himself because the artist is the channel through which his change is brought into the world.

Please consider this for a moment in your own life. How are you the spokesperson for the change that will survive you? And how are you embracing that eternal value in your work and in your thoughts?

This reflects in the way we see success: If we work to buy a Lamborghini, we diminish our impact. And just like the Lamborghini, it loses value by the day. If we work to fuel change, we increase our impact beyond ourselves. This is why entrepreneurs of value invest in their impact- to deepen and widen it.The attitude of “serving our cause more than ourselves” is reflected in the way we deal with our clients. We are not here for them to tap us on the back. We are here to uplift them, guide them, lead them so that they feel like they are the ones that made the right choice. We are then remembered for the value we brought to their lives (and they let others know it).


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