Happy work and AI

The business world (like so many industries), has become obsessed with AI. The rise of technology that allows for faster and more intricate creation of media, be it text, video or images, has us all both stunned and worried. It is fair to say that our relationship with work and the happiness it brings is undergoing a shift. Whatever side of the debate you are on, I strive to guide you toward finding joy in your work in this age of technological acceleration.

Let’s revisit a fundamental truth: happiness, the profound sense of bliss rooted in your identity, forms the nucleus of a fulfilling life. Embracing your humane essence ensures that no technology can overshadow the beauty of genuine human expression.

The advent of AI has thrust an age-old question into the spotlight — one that we often dismiss: What defines intelligence, creativity, and originality? These three pillars, allegedly under siege by AI, are intrinsic to our humanity and pivotal in our pursuit of bliss. Rest assured, AI, for all its capabilities, remains a supportive companion rather than a usurper.

Intelligence: For too long humanity has been living under the impression that intelligence is limited to intellectuality, the ability for logical processes and mental cohesion. Our adoration of academia and higher education is proof of that. We think that learning outside knowledge will make us the masters of ourselves and the world, but time and again we have been taught that there is more to it. Emotional and social intelligence have been proven to be the fabric from which intellectuality blooms. Without them, logic remains cold and inhumane. AI is and will always be limited to intellectual intelligence by design. This is a limitation that technology, no matter how organic and integrated, will never be able to overcome.

Originality is connected to our tri-fold intelligence. If one believes that originality is a mere byproduct of data, we are really in trouble. Those who’ve sculpted innovation in all facets of life did so not because of access to data but due to a profound connection with emotional and social intelligence. Inner knowledge births personal art, the most original creation in the universe. Don’t fear that AI may ascend into originality; true originality cannot be imitated or reinterpreted.

Creativity takes shape in the hands of those unafraid to infuse their work with emotional and social intelligence. These creators, unshackled by fear, produce marvels beyond comprehension. While AI may mimic creativity in its approach, it has no true originality of its own. Once it’s fueled by our uniqueness, AI transforms into a powerful ally for fast and efficient execution.


Happy work, the conduit for expressing your inner bliss and finding fulfillment, is a celebration of the facets that define our humanity. This intricate fabric defies synthesis. So, nurture the flame of humane-ness. Make room for the three aspects of your humanity and recognize how tools like AI can bolster your business, or help make your job easier. 

Use the below as a guideline of when you should and should not use AI:

Inner intelligence: How much do I desire bliss? Who am I truly at my core? What makes me unique?

No AI relevance. YOU have to answer these questions for yourself.

Originality: What am I born to give the world? What do I wish for the world to receive? What is my vision for a world in which I want to live? 

No AI relevance. YOU have to answer these questions for yourself.

Creativity (high AI relevance): Once you have answered the above, and you are crystal clear on who you are and what you stand for, you can use AI to create “things.” Your AI prompts will be specific to your ideal client and their journey.

Don’t fear AI; don’t let it stress you out. Master what it means to be human and create Happy Work. Then, use AI to get your message out and expand that Happy Work.  


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