Everyone is creative

Have you ever used creativity against yourself? Like telling someone, or even yourself, that you are not creative or that creativity is not your strong suit? That you would rather leave creativity to others? So many people are guilty of saying “I am not creative,” and besides it being untrue, it’s really what makes it hard for us to be creative in the first place. 

Before I go further, let me do some clarifying here: creativity has nothing to do with our ability to paint, draw or compose music. Those are skill sets and areas of talent that can be applied in creative ways.

Pure creativity is the shortest and most personal path to express yourself in your work. It means building a bridge that takes people from a place of need to a place of betterment by overcoming an obstacle. Creativity arises when we become aware of our purpose and our tools, and use both to focus it on solving a problem that is a deep human need. So, creativity is directly proportional to our honesty in doing things our way. 

Creative people seem to think outside the box and break boundaries. But they don’t do it for the sake of breaking down walls. They do it because they can’t help but be who they are, they can’t help but do things the way their true self dictates. The more honest and direct we are in translating how we see the world into work that removes obstacles for others by using our gifts and talents, the more our work becomes unique, focused, and thus…creative. 

It’s crucial to understand that we are all equipped with unique beliefs and gifts. To use both, together with boldness, and create human value is the truest definition of a creative person. It doesn’t matter if you are great with numbers, highly empathic, a great listener, have a knack for flower arrangements or simply love to listen to music. There is a way to express your purpose through these gifts in the most creative way, by being as honest and direct and bold as possible. 

Contrary to what many people think, creative people don’t live in a bubble, removed from the world around them. Quite the opposite. Their most creative work is the one that reflects and lights up their environment. Creative people serve the world with unique value, and because they are unfiltered in their ways, they polarize. But it’s precisely this that creates the ripple effect we associate with uniquely creative people. 

Have you lost track of your own creativity? Have you removed yourself from the magic of bringing a new angle into the world because you think you are not creative? Think again, because you have it in you. We all do.


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