Does Monday get you down?

Does Monday get you down sometimes?

Like no matter what you do, you’re still not where you think you should be?

You’ve been going at this for years… when will the struggle stop?

The fact is, if you’re walking in your truth- if you are passionately living- the struggle, the mess, the risk doesn’t go away. It comes with the territory.

The difference is, you don’t let it stop you.

A tree is covered in bruises, cuts and scars. It is whipped by winter, scorched by summer, gnawed by wildlife. And yet, nothing can stop its passionate being from giving its fruit to the world.

You too are a passionate being.

I know this because you are wild at heart.

And when you allow your wildness to become your true nature again- not just some stowed away hobby you do on the weekends- and engage in the things that your truth demands 24/7, then you will live with passion.

Pure, unadulterated, real passion – The song of a heart that is free to express and that ignites in others the desire to do so as well.


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